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Better medicines are available for animals and birds also. In small family everybody has a laptop or smart phone, so they spend more time on work with their electronic devices than speak with other. Thanks to technology, our science and our life essay life today become easier more than the past. Our life has been greatly affected by scientific progress and various inventions of scientists. Now world has large scale destruction and deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki because of negative use of science. Electricity works tube wells which give water for irrigation. We depends on science in a great many ways. It has broadened our abilities and opened new horizons. Everything has been changing during the past century for example way that we live, our foods, our hobbies.

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So science has much improved the means of transport and conveyance. It is a well known fact that the days of the camel and bullock cart have gone. There is a big point here that must be attention, every change is not good at all. We can contact our friends at any time in any part of the city or other cities over the telephone or telegraphically. Moves the lifts, drives the railway trains, and in short, does miracles like a magician. The days of swords, spears, shields and armor are gone. In every field of life the effect of the inventions of science can be seen.

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Let us hope with the fast progress science is making the world will have a new face. We do our work easier, we do not worry about disease, we have new energy source like nuclear energy, nonetheless we lost our humanity. Science Internet, internet has given a new vision to the progress of mankind. Now wars are fought with the help of aero planes, submarines and rockets. An electric crane can easily lift a load of a thousand kilograms. Advance in technology is incredible. In this article I will explain about Science that how science change our life and how make our life very easy. Advances in science and technology and other areas of society in the last 100 years have transformed the way we live as well as postponing the day we die.

We prefer call to somebody or send e-mail to theme instead science and our life essay of go visiting. It is need of the hour that science must be use d for the benefit of mankind and not for destruction of mankind. Science has used science for the benefit and progress of man and society. However, other realms of science have also been developing. American astronauts have already reached the moon twice. The wireless system of telegraphy of the radio, we are getting news of the world every minute. Cholera, Malaria, Measles and Tubererulosis. Defect of the various parts of body can now be removed with the help of operations.

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Atomic energy has been used to produce weapons of mass destruction, which can destroy the whole world in the matter of few minutes. Posted Date: Updated: 30-Jun-2011 Category: General, author: Aamir Shahzad, member Level: Gold, points: 10, science and technology is most important in our life. We connect with people from other countries without any problems, search for any information and get it in one click, and have many other opportunities accessing the net from our smartphones, tablets, and computers. The radio, television, VCR telephone, calculator and computer are among many electronics inventions that have made our life comfortable in the modern age. In olden times, people of one province of a country died from condition of famine, because on account of the slow means of travelling the food grains that were sent to that province from another surplus area could not reach in time. In conclusion, although I like and enjoy of technology and grateful to science, sometimes I miss for simple and kind people that lived in the past.

We depend on science in a great many ways. Let us see what science has done in the field of travelling. Fertilizers special seeds and salts increase the food grain to a great extent. However, with all advantage of technology, there is some dark side. Machines like tractors, thresher, tube well, Engine have been invented. Electricity, is perhaps the greatest gift of science. For example mops-ears, ships, railway network, aero planes,printing machines, Tube well engines and machines to produce various things of daily use and. Special equipment lets us make photos of the faraway planets and study their environment.

It is very useful on the practical side of life. Railway trains, motors vehicles, ships and aero planes are much faster means of travelling than the carts driven by oxen or the coaches or tongas driven by horses. Now with the invention of the printing press, books have become very cheap. There is no better time to be alive than now. The humanity has made many discoveries and invented lots of mechanisms and devices which have simplified our life significantly. Now humans can live much longer then in older times. We have a lot of electronic device in our home that these machines do everything for.

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Nowadays, everything has a value, so we can science and our life essay buy. A single machine is capable of doing more work than a thousand men. A great deal of progress has been made by use of science for greater agricultural production. We are living the age of science and technology. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? As education spreads, we become more civilized. Travelling has become very easy and space travel and travel to the moon are possible due to great science progress.

Atwood, 2003: 13 Machat, 2013: 92 "Margaret Atwood, Transhumanism, and the Singularity". Humans are instinctively curious. Jahr der Preisverleihung; die iacw/NA verzeichnet nur das Jahr der Buchveröffentlichung Zukunftsbibliothek. She is depressed and often fights with Jimmy's father. Place your order now! He told his wife about the child. This equipment was intended to be used by the US police force against its own people. The scientific inventions have brought about many changes in our lives.

science and our life essay