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He also became familiar with and was influenced by the Black Power movement, and with some other poets he founded a theater company that served the Hill District of Pittsburgh. Pursued Writing from a Young Age. Renouncing his white father, moving out from his mother's house, and living among day to day reminders of this culture cleared the way for Wilson to find out more about his African American ancestors' trek from the fields. When Wilson began writing his plays, he had little experience with theater, having only seen two plays, and no formal training. He grew up in a lower class black family, faced the difficulties of an African American, and turned himself into the great writer. The title demonstrates Wilson's concern with choices and responsibility, since fences can keep people in as well as out. New Leader, June 3, 1996,. A reader since the age of four, Wilson had no trouble comprehending these works that gave direction to the quest for his own racial consciousness.

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Despite his interest in the written word, August Wilson was an unexceptional student who developed a reputation for yelling answers out of turn in class. The music became the wellspring of my work. Most of the ideas for Wilson's plays came from images, snippets of conversation, or lyrics from blues songs captured by his ever-vigilant writer's eye and ear. In 1990, his wrote the drama titled, Two Trains Running, which was set in an African-American neighbourhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Paul, Minnesota, he decided to stay. During the early 1990s, Wilson wrote Seven Guitars, a play that takes place during the post-World War II years. Time, April 23, 1990,. At the time he got his first typewriter, he was also introduced to the blues and the black rights movement, of which both had great influences on his writing. In Two Trains Running, which opened in New York City in 1992, Wilson probed the turbulent era of the late 1960s, when racial strife and the Vietnam War convulsed the nation. American Theatre, September, 1996,.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, and the rest of Wilson's prolific output followed from there. Further Reading on August Wilson, because August Wilson is relatively new to the literary world, a critical study of his work remains to be done. Renowned playwright August Wilson, a winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, and other awards for his work, is an example of such persons. While his home has been turned into a historic landmark, several streets and theatres have been renamed post his death to honor this able and gifted playwright. Set in the 1950s, its subject is Troy Maxson, a trash collector whose dreams of playing professional baseball were thwarted by white racism. Wilson's Seven Guitars hit Broadway in 1995, reuniting him with longtime collaborator Richards. New Republic, May 21, 1990,. E1; October 3, 2005,. He self-educated himself by reading extensively at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The last play of his cycle, Radio Golf, opened at Yale Rep just months before he died, and moved to Broadway in 2007. The play also received the Laurence Olivier Award for the category of Best New Play.

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By the time he turned 16, he dropped out of school and began to august wilson biography essay take up many odd jobs. King Hedley II, first produced at Pittsburgh Public Theater, 1999. Wilson dramatized this dilemma in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, when the character Levee stabs a fellow musician who unintentionally stepped on his shoe, instead of attacking the white man who had stolen his music. Jitney, which was first produced in 1982. Fences, first produced at Yale Repertory Theater, 1985; produced on Broadway at 46th Street Theatre, March, 1987. The play premiered at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center at Waterford, Connecticut. Louis Dispatch, January 6, 2002,. His plays ran for nearly 1,800 performances on Broadway altogether, and some - particularly. He died at the age of 60, due to liver cancer at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Thereafter, he continued his education through the Negro section in the library and the conversations during his job at a cafe shop. August Wilson grew up as the fourth of six children in a black slum of Pittsburgh, his home a two-room apartment without hot water or a telephone. Berniece Charles's slave ancestors were traded for the piano, and another family member carved African-style portraits of them. His ingenuity has forever changed American theater.

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New Yorker, April 30, 1990,. In the 1950s, his mother divorced his father and remarried and the two relocated to a white inhabited neighbourhood, where they faced much hostility and racial discrimination. "Having moved from Pittsburgh. Against the pleas of his mother, Wilson gave up on formal education in the ninth grade. With such an extravagant history of writing, it is easy to conclude that August Wilson was undoubtedly one of the most influential writers of theatre in America. Often he and his family faced racism, notes like Nigger, go home would be placed on his desk, and on their first day, a brick was thrown through their front window. American Visions, August 2000,. The play also premiered on Broadway. Joe Turner's Come and Gone, first produced at Yale Repertory Theater, 1986; produced on Broadway at Barrymore Theatre, March, 1988. In his twenties, Wilson decided he would be a poet, and had a few poems published in magazines. 23; July, 2001,. The mostly white parochial high school he attended also gave him a harsh dose of racism.

Ma Rainey take place in Wilson's beloved Hill District of Pittsburgh. In 2005, his play, Radio Golf premiered at the Yale Repertory Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut. Plays Explored African-American Identity, Pursued Writing from a Young Age 19452005, playwright, poet, august Wilson carved his signature on American theater by capturing the changing texture of black life in America his ten plays, each covering a different decade of the twentieth century. He's my trainer'My boy August will get them. He was the namesake of an irresponsible German baker. In the late 1960s an interest in Malcolm X led him to a total acknowledgement of African American culture as his own. Paul, Minnesota, and decided to stay there. "Heroic is not a word one uses often without embarrassment to describe a writer or playwright, but the diligence and ferocity of effort behind the creation of his body of work is really an epic story." "The death. Not only was he expelled from school for being the only African-American, he was threatened and abused to the point of being physically attacked as well. New York Newsday, March 27, 1987, sec.

august wilson biography essay

Blacks' cultural response to the world is contained in blues." His interest in blues singer Gertrude "Ma" Rainey went back to 1965, when he heard a recording by Bessie Smith, who had taken lessons from Rainey. Wilson never fully embraced the religion of Black Nationalism, however, which contributed to the failure of his first marriage to Brenda Burton, a member of the Muslim Nation of Islam. He told Newsday in 1987, "I see the blues as a book of literature and it influences everything. He later recalled, "I'd never heard of Bessie Smith. In his honor, Broadway's Virginia Theater has been renamed the August Wilson Theater). It were these experiences that left a deep impact on young Wilson, so much so that he started expressing his feelings through his writings. But Pittsburgh's streets and shops did not satisfy Wilson's appetite for knowledge about African Americans. I listened to it twenty-two times, and I became aware that this stuff was my own. Commonweal, July 13, 1990,. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom began a long collaboration between the seasoned director and the novice playwright: Richards has gone on to direct all of Wilson's plays. Wilson attended the Central Catholic High School in Pennsylvania, where he was the only African-American student and was eventually thrown out.

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In 1996, his play, Seven Guitars premiered at the Yale Repertory Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut. The play came to Richards's attention at the National Playwrights Conference in 1983. C12; April 15, 1990,. The American theater community publicly mourned his passing. Found Fame with "Ma Rainey" Ma Rainey's Black Bottom tapped the playwright's interest in the blues and its importance in American black history. I'm struggling to get the next play down on paper." This focus enabled him to be one of the most prolific writers for august wilson biography essay the American theater. The story involves the efforts two black businessmen as they struggle to navigate the political and economic challenges for the construction of a new commercial development. The story weaves an elaborate tale of the ancient Aunt Esther taking Citizen Barlow, who is desperately trying to claim the freedom afforded him by Abraham Lincoln in 1865, on a magical trip in a boat made out of her bill of sale from slavery. Learning to read at the age of four, Wilson consumed books voraciously. 11; April 20, 1987,. It portrays the frustration of a former African American League baseball player in the industrial North of the 1950s.

His mother had walked up from North Carolina to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on foot where she cared for August and his five other siblings, while at the same time, she worked as a cleaning woman. Each play focuses on a different decade of the twentieth century, and all but. Unencumbered by theatrical history, Wilson created his own rules for his plays. Top, awards Achievements, in 1985, he was the recipient of the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for the category of Best Play for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. In 1982, Wilson came out with the two-act play titled, Jitney, which premiered at the Allegheny Repertory Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But nearly all of his major plays were produced on Broadway (all except.