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Other industries based on agriculture are rice-husking, oil-crushing, handloom-weaving, rice-bran oil, cottonseed oil, coconut and essay on indian agriculture in hindi copra oil. It provides food, fodder and raw material and thus contributes to overall economic growth. The rapid economic development of any state or region without the development of its agriculture is almost impossible. Similarly, the share of agricultural goods in export has declined from.5 per cent in 1950-51 to only.5 percent in 1990-91. Role of Agriculture in Economic Planning: Agriculture is main support for Indias transport system. The period from.C.

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Many other economic activities like food grain business, dairying and fruit marketing seed and agricultural machinery etc. Essay Contents: (Introduction to Indian Agricultural Marketing) (Market Infrastructure of Indian Agricultural Marketing) (Agricultural Trade of Indian Agricultural Marketing) (Problems of Indian Agricultural Marketing) (Measures Taken for Indian Agricultural Marketing). Transportation of agricultural commodities is the mainstay essay on indian agriculture in hindi of railways and roads in India. Here is your Essay on Agriculture in India (602 Words). Transport systems like railway and roadways secure bulk of business from movement of agriculture goods and international trade is mostly in agriculture products. Cultivation of rice, finger millet, Sugarcane, Pepper and turmeric was quite common. Storage and processing rely on agriculture. Org, history of Indian Agriculture : The history of agriculture and civilisation go hand in hand as the food production made it possible for primitive man to settle down in selected spots leading to formation of society and initiation of civilisation.

Therefore, the increased food production should aim at trebling food production in the next century. Artisans and menials in rural areas are also dependent on cultivators. After green revolution India became a food surplus country. market Infrastructure of Indian Agricultural Marketing (System) (Infrastructure) (Markets) (Grading, (1964-65) (Regulated Markets),000 (Weekly), storage Facilities, (Insects) (Food Corporation of India (Warehousing Corporation) -, (. Now agriculture contributes only about one-third to the national income as against 54 per cent in 1950-51. Agriculture and agro-based exports account for a substantial proportion of our total export earnings. According to Indias census figure, 66 per cent of Indias working population is engaged in agriculture.

Essay on Indian Agriculture (602 Words)

Advertisements: For crop production the basic input is land. Agriculture occupies an important position in, indian economy. Indian Agriculture and Pattern of Employment: Very high proportion of working population in India is engaged in agriculture. During mid 1960s green revolution was started in India. Advertisements: Essay on Indian Farmers in Hindi!, -, advertisements:, :, Home, hindi, essay, agriculture, occupation, farmer, essay on Indian Farmers. The workers employed in industry and infrastructural activities depend on agriculture for their food supplies. These are not uniform in all countries. Indian Agriculture: In India, more than 70 of the population is depending on agriculture in one form or the other. Demand for food is growing with ever increasing population.

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There are many other industries which depend on agriculture in indirect manner. Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy: Importance of agriculture can be measured by the share of agriculture in national income and employment pattern etc. International trade comprises agricultural products in the highest proportion. ( Measures Taken for Indian Agricultural Marketing : ( i) (Establishment of Regulated Markets ( ii) (Grading and Standardization, (Agmark) (Central Quality Control Laboratory) (Agmark) ( iii) (Construction of Storage Facilities (Central Warehousing Corporation) (iv) (Dissemination of Market Information (All India. Importance of Agriculture for Industrial Development: Indian Agriculture has been source of supply of raw materials to our leading industry. Marked the spread of agricultural revolution to Egypt and subsequently to Indus valley. Hindi, Fertilizers, Shivalik Range features in Hindi :, Medicines and New Insecticides, Bank Loan and Better Equpments or Machines, Essay on Indian Constitution in Hindi. The reason for introducing commercial essay on indian agriculture in hindi crops in India by Britishers, they felt need of raw materials for their industrial growth and they got huge amount from European market by selling our commercial crops there. History of, agriculture in India, Government Plans for, agriculture in India, essay about Zoo Park Visit. They vary from country to country. Also depends upon agriculture. An examination of the above table makes it clear that the share of agriculture in the national income and in the total export is increasingly declining. After Independence during 1950s there was food crisis in India.

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essay on indian agriculture in hindi

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