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The Thesis, research, normally, the equivalent of at least two full-time semesters must be devoted to research in fulfilment of the thesis requirement. The Master's Examination Committee normally consists of five members as follows: Three members of the Supervisory Committee, including the Supervisor of the candidate's research; One member of the area of specialization but from a department other than that of the students supervisor. There will be considerable interaction and co-operation among the departments/faculties to provide courses and research facilities to meet the needs of individual students and their research projects. The final oral molecular dynamics simulation thesis examination, devoted chiefly to the defence of the thesis, is an examination identified as the Master's Examination and carried out by the Master's Examination Committee. The latter is attested by the achieving of satisfactory standings in the minimum number of graduate courses required by the respective Faculty, the completion of a research project, and the writing of a thesis based upon the research. Phase equilibria and thermophysical properties (VLE, supercritical fluids, etc.) bridging size scales from atomistic simulations to equation of state modelling (saft). Approval of the thesis takes the form of a Certificate of Approval, signed by the Examination Committee. Focus on application to engineering and environmental problems and high performance computing for engineering.

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For graduate credit, the courses selected must be acceptable to the department/faculty and the Graduate Studies Committee. The Department Chair selects the Examination Committee at the request of the Supervisor and is responsible for notifying the Program Administrator of its composition. The thesis should emphasize any new conclusions which may be drawn from the candidate's own research. General Structure of the Program. Repulsion phenomena in multicomponent chain fluids, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol:8, issn:1463-9076, Pages: Aguilera-Mercado B, Herdes C, Murgich J, Aguilera-Mercado B, Herdes C, Murgich J, Muller EA, 2006, Mesoscopic simulation of aggregation of asphaltene and resin molecules in crude oils, Energy Fuels. Research Interests, molecular simulation of complex fluids (liquid crystals, asphaltenes, polymers, etc.) adsorption and interfacial phenomena (activated carbons, nanotubes, colloids). Procedures, the thesis may be handed in at any time of the year, but candidates must bear in mind the desirability of having the final examination as much in advance of the deadline date for thesis submission as possible.

The standings obtained in them will not affect the average grade of the prescribed studies. Candidates are advised to inform themselves of the deadlines schedule, a copy of which may be obtained in the Office of the Program Administrator. A department/faculty may require examinations (oral and/or written molecular dynamics simulation thesis from time to time, to evaluate the student's progress in his/her overall program. For a regular student admitted to a part-time study program, the residency period is based on the equivalence of three part-time semesters to one full-time semester. In no case, however, will the minimum requirements be less than those outlined in the following two paragraphs. Our recent work showed that for high-levels of polymer additive-induced turbulent drag reduction, the vortex dynamics become fundamentally changed. General specifications as to paper, format, order, and binding are available from the Office of the Program Administrator. Courses, prescribed Studies, the proportion of weight attached to the research and thesis may vary, even within a department/faculty.

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Research involving the use of animals must follow the Guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care. Vortex configuration in turbulent flows of a (a) Newtonian fluid and (b) dilute polymer solution revealed by the percolation analysis. Reader in Thermodynamics, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London., head of Department, Departamento de Termodinámica, Universidad Simn Bolvar, (Venezuela)., profesor Titular, Departamento de Termodinámica, Universidad Simn Bolvar, (Venezuela)., director of UG and PG studies, Universidad Simn Bolvar, (Venezuela). 1985, chemical Engineer, (cum laude) Universidad Simn Bolvar, (Venezuela). The Examination is passed and the thesis approved if there is no more than one negative vote, an abstention being regarded as a negative vote. The Examination is normally open to the public; however, members of the audience may question the candidate only upon invitation of the Chair of the Committee. Schneider, and Li Xi, "Distinct transition in flow statistics and vortex dynamics between low- and high-extent turbulent drag reduction in polymer fluids Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 262,. In addition to the "General Regulations for Graduate Programs described above, the following regulations apply specifically to the Master's degree: Residency Requirements, normally, at least two semesters of full-time study in residence at the University must be devoted. Departure molecular dynamics simulation thesis from these normal requirements requires approval from the Graduate Studies Committee. The candidate must maintain an average grade of at least a B standing (see Grades in General Regulations section) in the substantive courses outlined below in order to maintain registration in the program.

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