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(Newton) His psychological problems become apparent with the victims he chose and how he became aroused by the smell of decaying flesh and the sight of lifeless prey. Psychopaths usually know the difference between right and wrong. (Americas) The Zodiac Killer attacked in Northern California where he claimed his first victim on October 30, 1966. The authorities discovered extensive human remains in his refrigerator. In this blog post, we will look into some of the common mental health disorders that we see in serial killers, and then we'll take a look into five of these killers who were carrying these disorders. Most serial killers have similar characteristics either within each murder, victim or sometimes both. John Wayne Gacy eventually took 33 innocent lives.

Five Serial Killers Afflicted With Mental Disorders

Killing gives them a pleasure that is an addiction. He never knew his father and was forced to live with his strict Methodist grandparents pretending that his mother, Louise Cowell, was in fact his sister. Mary Nichols was a 43 year old woman and prostitute who became Jacks first murder. Fire for these individuals brings power and excitement. It is imperative that the toddler finds the basis of self-image and self-esteem, the majority of which comes from his or her source of life. The biological problem is proved by essay on serial killers and mental health issues his treatment as a child being born into an unfit home to a prostitute mother who brought home lovers of both sexes, being treated unfairly by his uncle, and his abuse within different juvenile. These characteristics may later develop into sexual sadism, necrophilia, or other similarly disturbing social disorders. Because of their upbringing and early life experiences, serial killers turn to psychotic killing rampages. He was sought by police multiple times but deemed squeaky clean by authorities since they were looking for a savage killer not a clean cut law student.

Visit m to see how we can help you! This includes sexual urges with unusual objects, fantasies, activities, behaviors, or situations, having a sexual urge with non-human essay on serial killers and mental health issues objects, sexual behaviors that humiliate or cause another human to suffer, also having sex with children, animals, or non consenting humans. Fish stated, If only pain were not so painful! Many recent date serial killers were illegitimate children. The various ways all ended in one way, the death of innocent people. Five Notorious Serial Killers With Mental Disorders. When a child experiences negative affects, a parent has to be the base, and provide adequate support for the child. He first struck in 1888 in Whitechappel, London. This is when he had detectives and news broadcast plotting to catch him, while Bundy was busy studying and figuring out ways so he would get caught. This opened new doors for young Henry who, would kill vulnerable animals for his own sexual pleasure.

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The fear of abandonment was a motive for him to kill others. Henry was the youngest out of nine children, and was the it child. Also when raising an infant, the role model must establish his or her psychological organizations so as to guide infant in the right direction. Serial killers make their victims feel what they felt as children, hence the patterns of kills from a toddler to an adult. At the time, he had been found to have raped at least 10 victims, some of them after death. His disorganization as a serial killer made it easy for him to get caught. Many people have researched this topic and believe that childhood trauma, heavy drugs during the growing phase of life, as well essay on serial killers and mental health issues as many other things have twisted the minds of men such as Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, show. For many serial killers, this means having sex with their victims after they have been dead for a while. Balled up inside is a memory of dysfunction and feelings of low self esteem, shame, and shortage. He traveled extensively during killing sprees. Raised in Chicago, he maintained a double life as an adult: the outwardly respectable self-made contractor and divorced father who entertained hospitalized children with a clown routine picked up young men in private to sexually assault them. Not only did Jack the Ripper kill multiple women but he mutilated their bodies almost to the point of an unrecognizable state.

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There are many various classifications of serial killers depending on how and what they get from each murder they commit. Carroll Cole was raised by a loving family until the age of five when his father was called into the service; his mother changed for the worst. Arthur Shawcross had no significant father figure. His early life consisted of him setting fires and tormented animals; bed wetting was also a major factor. Even if what he said meant killing innocent victims. Some say that the Zodiac Killer is the perfect serial killer because his letters were written in a cryptic cipher. Medical experts and law enforcement specialists have established that fact. Henry had his first sexual experience at age 13 when is mothers lover brought a young lady to the house so Henry could have sexual encounters with her. Our society could prevent another Dahmer-like serial killer from presenting themselves by making records of child molestations more public and getting children who have been molested proper counseling and treatment post attack. Not knowing much about each of their fathers; both Edmund and Arthur did not have enough hatred to circulate their killing based on their feeling towards their fathers. Schizophrenics may receive sensory impressions without a basis in objective reality. Intelligent, handsome and superficially charming, he graduated from college and won admission to law school. He suffered from antisocial personality disorder.

Our society can prevent another rapist-serial killer like Bundy from taking the lives of innocent females by keeping better DNA records and evidence from each known victim in order to compare it to future victims. Neither parent thought to take Dahmar with them when they moved. This proves both Dahmer and Fish had sub theories of psychological and biological problems that led each of their killings. (Newton) The Zodiac Killer used a gun and most often searched out couples to kill. It is argued that many people have been abused or sexually assaulted and have over come these obstacles to live a normal life. Qualified writers in the subject of psychology are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Serial killers, such as Ted Bundy, had a fetishism; his victims tended to resemble his college sweet heart that dumped him and broke his heart; long hair parted in the middle. But many of these victims did not have inadequate pre-oedipal experiences that strongly contribute to what forms a serial killer. They both grew up in unfit homes proving their sub theories of biological problems but different from Ridgway, Bundy also carried the sub theory of psychological due to his choice of victims being mirror images of his ex girlfriend. These intimate details of Bundys childhood prove to society that he carries a trait theory with a sub theory of a biological problem. It was then that he realized he enjoyed watching others endure pain and would eventually grow to enjoy these beatings himself. It is argued that serial killers are made up of two major components, nature and nurture; they each have a very profound affect on a human.

The Zodiac Killer essay on serial killers and mental health issues shows that he has a psychological problem by not premeditating his attacks and choosing his victims at random. They usually have a murder weapon, which they bring to commit the deed, and they are careful to leave no evidence behind but do take souvenirs. These children are raised to have no sympathy and feel no guilt; they could be described as shallow since they are raised in a household that teaches them to not feel any emotion. Proof shows Dahmer was part of an unfit household as a child due to the facts that his molestations and obsessions with mutilating animal carcasses went unknown by his family or ones caring for him. When no one adopted him, he was placed in an orphanage where he witnessed and endured many beatings. She became pregnant a young age and was disowned by her family and community causing her to disown her child and live on the streets, with prostitution as her source of living. Wuornos never aimed to aggression towards innocent animals as a young child. Unlike Dahmer, Fish preyed on children while Dahmer preyed on men his age. Jeffrey Dahmer kidnapped, molested and murdered 17 boys and young men between 19He dismembered the bodies and ate some of his victims. Narcissism is defined as pathological lack of self-esteem defended against by compensatory grandiosity (Ivey, 1989). Almost all of these murderers suffered abuse as children and inflicted abuse on other creatures (frequently on animals).