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He bears a good character. Plants are essay on globe for kids the ultimate source of removing extra carbon dioxide from the air and making it in balance thus by just stopping the deforestation and enhancing people for more plantation we can get success of reducing the global warming to a great level. Global Warming Essay 2 (150 words). Global Warming Essay 4 (250 words). It does not contain enough information. Melting permafrost in the North and South Poles at high level also contributes to the global warming. Burning fossil fuels and deforestation causes carbon dioxide to store in the atmosphere which traps heat and becomes the reason of earth warming and greenhouse effect causing global warming. Plants are the main utilizers of the carbon dioxide gas as their food and when the number of plants decreases on the earth cause increase in the level of this harmful gas in the earth atmosphere. It does not make sense. A paperless world will have good impact on our mother planet earth.

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We cannot blame any single entity for this as each and every human being is responsible for the increasing threat of global warming which can be solved only by the global awareness and kind efforts of everyone. Rise essay on globe for kids in the carbon dioxide level is the use fossil fuels like coal and oil, deforestation (cut down of plants) by the human beings on Earth. Its threatening effects are increasing day by day and creating danger for human life. You are not allowed to copy / use this article for your school/college work/assignment. Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Essay.

To save our planet, we need to grow more trees, avoid wasting natural resources, use water and electricity carefully. Animals are also the source of releasing some methane into the atmosphere which is also harmful for the earth. Presence of various aerosols in the atmosphere is also causing earths surface temperature to increase. Thank you so much! Increasing global warming lead to the more water evaporation from earth into the atmosphere, which in turn become a greenhouse gas and again causes rise in the global warming. There are some effective measures following on the global level by the human beings may reduce the effect of global warming. Our earths surface becoming hot day by day by trapping the suns heat and rise in the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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Other reason of global warming is regular climate change cycles which repeat over a period time. The increased earth temperature cause increase in the global warming. Thank you for posting this. Its an useful article for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, school students, college students, and research students. Global warming is a gradual process however increasing day by day because of the human beings. Just small changes in everyones life all over the world, we can be able to stop the huge negative changes in the atmosphere by lessening the effects of global warming and even stop it a day. Worlds global and large cities, such. Now-a-days, automobile manufacturers have been warned to manufacture more efficient engines of the vehicles in order to reduce carbon dioxide gas emission to the atmosphere. Now the effects of global warming can be easily felt by us such as decreasing winter season length and increasing summer season length. Much of the plants and trees covers the main part essay on globe for kids of the surface of the earth. Causes of Global Warming Essay 6 (400 words). Global warming is the ultimate rise in the atmospheric temperature which is caused by the some natural processes or some man-made causes.

It has also been estimated that global temperature may increase by another 2.5 degrees F in the next century. New Delhi, Paris, New York City, Lahore, Mumbai, Colombo, Dubai, London, Kinshasa, and many other are suffering from worst pollution, thanks to our careless system of misusing natural resources. An emission of chlorofluorocarbons (used in the freeze) is the major reason of abnormal earth essay on globe for kids warming. Our natural resources are limited, such as diesel, petrol, gas, water, minerals, sand, and many other things. We call them desert. It has two big ears.

We are disturbing the natural processes through the deforestation and use of technological advancement like global carbon cycle, making hole in ozone layer, etc and allowing the UV rays to come on earth thus increasing global warming. Also the ice caps and glaciers reflect sunlight back to the space (means preventing earth from high temperature sun rays) and after melting of ice this process stops and causes earth to warm. Essay on Role of Human Activities in Global Warming Essay on Impact of Global Warming on Oceans Essay on Deforestation Save Trees Essay Essays on Climate Change Essay on Effects of Global Warming on Coral Reefs More on Global Warming. Methane is another green house gas release in the atmosphere by the anaerobic decomposition of organic materials. Global Warming Essay 6 (400 words). Categories, beauty Style, business Finance, cars Transportation. Global warming is the main and only reason of rising sea level, flooding, changes in weather patterns, storms, cyclone, epidemic diseases, lack of food, death, etc. There are many shops. Ozone layer causes protection to the earth surface by inhibiting the harmful sun rays to coming to the earth. The main culprit of global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of this planet. It does not trap heat however it releases chlorine in the presence of UV sun rays which goes to the atmosphere and weakens the ozone layer by changing ozone molecules into the oxygen molecules.

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Abraham Lincoln, abraham Lincoln is regarded as the greatest essay on globe for kids American president. We know them well. When a mango fruits. The railway station is the place where people wait for trains. Causes of Global Warming Essay 4 (250 words). All these sample essays will help kids to improve essay writing skill. Increasing demand of industrialization in the modern world to fulfill almost each need is causing the release of variety of green house gases through many industrial processes in the atmosphere.

The ultimate causes of such reasons are the technological advancement, population explosion, increasing demand of industrial expansion, deforestation, priority towards urbanization, etc. CO2 (also called carbon dioxide) gas is not good for the atmosphere, if it remains longer in the atmosphere, it would trap heat extremely which ultimately increase global temperature. The released CO2 gets collected in the environment and absorbs essay on globe for kids more heat from the sun rays and ultimately increases the temperature of the earth. A market place, the place where people buy and sell various things is called a market place. Essay Ends Here-, important Note: Save Earth Essay is written only for knowledge and reading purpose. We have to create a safe environment which will be beneficial to the planet and safe for the next generations. In fact, global warming is the continuous and steady process of increasing in the temperature of earth surface.

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Volcanoes are also a natural cause of increasing global warming. The Farmer, the man who cultivates crops is a farmer. Global warming has become the most worrying threat for the earths atmosphere as it is reducing the life possibilities on the earth day by day through a continuous and steady declining process. Natural forest fires also cause increase in the atmospheric temperature as vegetation burning releases stored carbon and increase level of green house gasses. Causes of Global Warming, there are many causes of the global warming, some are natural causes and some are human made causes. Green House Effect and Global Warming Essay. Various emissions by means of transport generate different pollutants which get converted to the aerosols through many chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Collection of sample essays and English speeches for kids. Human being are cutting down trees and forests to a great level per year which affect the natural carbon cycle and cause carbon dioxide gas to store in the atmosphere. The increasing level of CO2 causes greenhouse effect on the earth in which all the greenhouse gases (water vapour, CO2, methane, ozone) absorbs thermal radiation, which in turn re-radiated to all directions and come back to earth surface causing.

Mango trees bear fruits generally once a year. Global warming is caused by two reasons, one is natural causes and another is human made causes. Surrounding it there are nine. Instead of using electrical energy we should try using clean energy or energy produced by solar system, wind and geothermal. A movement is already on the way to save earth. More often a market place is found in the town. Our vision is helping our kids to become a better reader and a writer, so we are not recommending to copy the same essay, it will not help to improve your/your child's writing skill. It needs to be discussed widely by all countries worldwide to stop the effects. Global warming is a big environmental and social issue all over the world which everyone must know especially our kids and children as they are the future.