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Divide the review into separate sessions and establish particular goals for each. The team will also ensure that company pricing policies are followed depending on the type of contract (Firm Fixed Price, etc.) proposal writing red team A critical aspect of the Green review is that it reflects the technical solution. Therefore, when the Red Team requests additions to the proposal, they should also recommend areas to cut information. Summary: The color-coded review process can be confusing to a new comer. Are units, terms of measurement, etc., consistent throughout, and in keeping with the RFP requirements?

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Red Teams should convene where there is minimal interface with the proposal team. What is the purpose of the proposal color review teams? Color-coded reviews are an accepted industry practice for a disciplined, logical process to bring a RFP response to completion in winning form. Proposal, manager, proposal, coordinator, publishing Manager. Proposal ) and the process of shredding it down to the customer requirements located (or should I say buried, hidden, or disguised?) in Sections C, L, and M in particular. That is, the Red Team is expected to review the proposal in accordance with Section M of the RFP. Make it easy for the evaluator to find what they have asked for, then write the response to score well, according to the solicitations evaluation factors. You do not want a solution going to the customer wherein the solution cannot be accomplished at the proposed price. And you dont have to be a Leprechaun to find the pot of Gold at the end of this rainbow! Red Team members are tasked and often paid to find flaws. Are there features and benefits stated and documented? This means that proposal writing, first and foremost, provides the information asked for in the solicitations proposal instructions.

That's why you should strongly consider forming a proposal -review team, commonly known as a " red team. Initial graphics and proposal writing red team tables are inserted in draft or, at a minimum, their purpose and location described. This form is an input to the Gold Team review process. Completeness, is every requirement in the RFP fully addressed? Nonetheless, the Red Team should make an assessment if the solution offered is potentially too expensive and what risks are involved in delivery. The proposal if submitted in the condition would be competitive but at risk for selection. Some time ago I worked with a senior Business Development lead who was fond of saying that our proposals had to be, complete, compliant, and compelling. Sometimes both forms are combined into one form or corrections are made directly on the proposal and only deficiencies are entered onto the form. Consequently, they may not appreciate the type and quality of information needed at each step of the review. The most important ones are the Red team, Pink team, and Gold Team.

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Some proposal managers use outline templates or writers work pages to guide writers to developing the initial framework of the response. Pink Team document should not have any sections blank even if all a section contains is a description of what will go there and what has been done to obtain the information. At each level, the reviewers should be qualified to assess the proposal at its given stage and provide the necessary assessment and guidance to move the proposal to the next level. It should be complete in all sections, all information, all graphics, and fully compliant. He said it so often and so fast that it became an empty slogan, with no impact on how we wrote our proposals. Are there any Red Flags (sorry, another color) that signal a major problem in the proposal that could, if not properly addressed, result in the proposal being non-compliant and just not competitive? Any gaps become key action items. Next should be responsiveness, and does it tell proposal writing red team a compelling story?

Be sure to leave enough time between the final red - team review and proposal writing red team the proposal submission to make any recommended changes (no, the night before the proposal is sent out is not enough time). Generally, there are three main teams that are distinguished by colors. The objective of the, red, team. The review team is responsible to ensure that all pricing information required by the RFP is presented and in the formats prescribed. Red Team Debrief The debrief is attended by the Proposal Manager, Capture Manager, Proposal Coordinator, volume/section leads and module authors, SMEs, and a representative from publishing. Blue Team is responsible to review the initial capture strategy and the capture plan that is implemented into your proposal, and the set solution. The team needs time to assess the entire project and determine whether there are any gaps in concepts, or requirements in order to ensure compliance with every section and requirement of the RFP. Gold Team evaluates and validates the final proposal and price. Does the technical solution match the price and it priced to win?

Breakout meeting and reviewing space is recommended. Critically, the Gold Review must ensure that the proposal is priced to win. Blue A blue rating means that the proposal is fully compliant, complete, compelling, and priced to win. Following debrief, the Proposal Coordinator strips the books. The proposal process is designed to keep the proposal within RFP page restrictions through the Red Team draft. The Red Team is critical for an effective content review of your proposal. And if that wasn't confusing enough, documents reviewed in each of these are often rated. Its near final review, and the last chance to make any change to your content, solution, or price. Written by Jeff Leitner, senior consultant at Red Team Consulting. Its very difficult to spot misconceptions, inconsistencies or technical mistakes. Again, a more useful definition is that it should have all the changes, additions, and corrections identified at Pink Team Review.

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Now that you have mastered the intricacies of the color codes on the reviews, you are ready to learn the secrets of the evaluation of the reviews. Regardless of the review methodology, the Red Team must, at a minimum, develop and present to the proposal team : Score or rating as described in Section M (Evaluation Criteria) of the RPF. Does it show best value; does it prove that it is technically proposal writing red team acceptable? The Proposal Coordinator collects the Red Team books, extracts the pages with comments and organizes them by module author. Green Team Review The Green Team is the pricing review. The document contains graphics and tables. Check out Jeffs advice on how to implement a bid decision process that works and why PWin is the most important bid criteria.

The format for Red Team debrief is determined by the Red Team leader. Originally published December 13, 2013, updated on September 15, 2017. Feedback dealing with the "meat" of the proposal looking for gaps, making sure each section and requirement of the RFP is addressed, etc. Therefore, Red Team reviews are to mimic Source Evaluation Board (SEB) behavior to some extent. Here too there is a color system. And, importantly, it can also be confusing to the SMEs who have been through other proposals and may have different understandings and expectations of each review. Emphasis is on content, not on form, style, or grammatical perfection. For starters, always remember that proposals are scored, not read. Getting to this point requires close collaboration between the Technical/Management writers and cost team. The intent of proposal writing is to persuade through objective analysis rather than emotion. This latter situation is exacerbated because often the role of the SME is simply to provide information and not to prepare the document. Navigating the Seas of, proposal, writing, how do we navigate the tricky needs of proposal writing?

Is every section clearly written? Is the information and data current and relevant? Red, team, participation, red, team participants, where possible, should be the same individuals that participated on the Pink. Yes, there are often silly review team comments that warrant no expenditure of the authors time to resolve. The Red Team review should reflect the perspective of the customers evaluators/source selection review board. The easier you can make it on the customers proposal evaluator the better. Can be done with a rough draft, while the finishing touches, such as proofreading, can wait until the proposal is almost complete. The reviews should be somewhat overlapping to ensure connectivity between reviews. What does the color rating of the review team mean? The Pink Team review has essentially the same responsibility as the Blue Team with respect to compliance, completeness, and being compelling. The review documents are the pricing information in the formats prescribed by the RFP. Nevertheless, there are additional teams you can have to review your proposal in more detail including Blue team, Green team, Black Hat and, White Glove. This latter question is not always easy for the Red Team since it is not uncommon for the price not to be complete at this point.