the consequences of global warming essay

Overall degrees of greenhouse gases have tremendously amplified following Industrial Revolution. Also, raised water level results in floods and the consequences of global warming essay famine. Taking into account that 65 of everything that ends up in household garbage can be recycled, if the consumer acts responsibly and recycles the different waste (paper, glass, packaging, cardboard, etc.) it can help to avoid the emission of CO2. The situation is more critical in places with dry and arid climate. Global warming definition, global warming is the continuous increase of the global average temperature: specifically the temperature of the atmosphere and the seas. Satellite images have revealed that global warming has caused reduced snow cover over the northern hemisphere, consequently resulting in raised sea level and hotter climate.

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It is more dangerous than a demon, we should know about and get together to solve. Just a few groups of human undertakings are triggering the accumulation of major greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, fluorinated gases, methane, and nitrous oxide to increase (White, 2017). The factories pollute the environment a lot with their chimneys that expel toxic gases, this harms the atmosphere that is deteriorating more and more, this makes the suns rays enter the earth warmer, which is generating a global warming. Read: How to Write Conclusion for a Research Paper. Related Information: Global Warming Essay Causes of Global Warming Essay Causes and Effects of Global Warming Essay Prevention of Global Warming Essay Consequences of Global Warming Essay Global Warming and Climate Change Essay Green House Effect and Global Warming Essay. According to discovery channel the main consequences of the Earth planet with this rapid increase in temperature as a result of global warming are: more hurricane the glaciers are slowly melting and many islands can disappear many plant and animal. Each method is more energy and water intensive and more.

Increasing heat and temperature regularly is threatening the human health and safety because it is creating the fear of drought, flood, natural forest and peat fires, melting glacier, decrease rainfall, increasing pollution, rise of epidemic diseases, rise of sea-level, more often. Floods, droughts, declining rainfall, etc are other social issues putting life existence at greater risk. Destruction of the forests, pollution, and the use of every of our earths natural resources are among a few. According to the ipcc report of 2007, it has been noted the consequences of global warming essay that the warmest years has been started since 1992. Global warming refers to the rise of the temperature within the atmosphere as a result of carbon dioxide emission (Haldar, 2011). Frequent Wildfires, whereas wildfires are as a result of natural causes, with the extra carbon dioxide within the air, as well as hotter summers, the proof is vivid. Effects of Global Warming Essay 5 (300 words). Global warming is a hazardous phenomenon going ahead continuously all over the world. Both plants and animals cannot simply adapt towards raised rainfall. Global warming is affecting weathers by making climate so hot or cold and becoming the reasons of hurricanes and earthquakes frequently. The main and clearly visible impacts of the global warming is increasing temperatures of the globe, ice caps melting, glaciers melting, removal of ice sheets covering from West Antarctica and Greenland, sea level rise, movement of forest animals to the cooler. 10) Oceanic Acidification, oceanic acidification is one of the major effects of global warming on oceans. Likewise, using products such as recycled paper helps to reduce tree felling, which are fundamental for mitigating the greenhouse effect.

El Nino Southern Oscillation (enso) is a phenomena occurring. People are feeling its effect in their day to day living. It is increasing its negative effects all across the world by slowly increasing the heat and temperature of the globe. It is said that global warming is a gradual process however it seems that it is increasing very fast as its effects are becoming so visible. When buying the consequences of global warming essay an appliance, the consumer should look at an energy label that goes from the letter A (more efficient) to the letter G (less efficient) depending on the electrical consumption.

the consequences of global warming essay

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Occurrences of draught, famine and storms have increased in the gone decade. With the absence of these gases, the universe will be cold on behalf of sustaining human beings, as well as other living things. Global warming is like a demon of the ancient time which has taken birth in the modern time after being stronger. Climatic Change and Global Warming of Inland Waters: Impacts and Mitigation for Ecosystems and Societies. 4) Ocean Warming, global warming also results in warming of the ocean. Global warming causes thermal warming of sea water making it to expand. The most vulnerable ocean organism to temperature change is coral. According to the statements of scientists, there is a direct relation between increase in CO2 gas in the atmosphere and increasing temperature of the earth.

Increasing temperatures generates a great threat towards wildlife as well as entire environments within these areas. Extra global warming will cause additional evaporation that will trigger more rains. The Common of human carbon dioxide productions comes from the combustion of non-renewable sources, for instance, petroleum, coal and so on so that human beings may power automobiles, generate electricity, and keep warm. Generally developed countries will be far better placed to confront the health challenges of climate change, than the developing word that already experiences a lower average state of health and less developed infrastructure. Heated water has a lower gas absorbing capacity than colder water. 11) Depletion of Water Resources Global warming results in larger rate of evaporation and hence in faster depletion of natural water resources. Individuals must put matters in their own hands by taking serious actions towards stopping this catastrophe, moreover, must recognize the magnitude of this issue before things go from bad to worse. In addition to this, the number of severely malnourished children greatly increased as a result of the flooding. The new electric cars, which do not use combustion engines or need gasoline, are presented as the most environmentally friendly alternative. Cities located in the coastal regions encounter more problems as precipitation poses serious flooding.

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If we do not do it, the consequences will be serious for all human beings. Severe Precipitation, there is insurmountable scientific proof that global warming leads to increased precipitation. The seal level is estimated to have risen by 8 inches in the gone century and is still rising, possibly due to global warming. Over a year, one hectare of trees eliminates the same amount of carbon dioxide that four families produce in that same time. According to White (2017 greenhouse gases absorb heat within the globes atmosphere in order towards keeping the earth warm towards sustaining existence; this natural method is referred as the greenhouse effect, which is a natural process. According to Wikipedia: Global warming is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of the increase in the global average temperature, the Earths atmosphere and the oceans, which possibly reached the level of warming of the medieval. When kerogen is heated to high temperatures, it liquefies and can been turned into a synthetic petroleum product. Regions within the Arctic are fading away, besides, flowing in main oceans. With the rise in the rain, waterborne illnesses are prone to spread such as malaria (Haldar, 2011). Deforestation, for the last 7 decades, deforestation has been an enormous activity via human beings and converting forestry to farms possess danger in relation to greenhouse gas emissions. Melting ice bodies are greatly contributing to the albedo effect which is directly affecting the geographical life. Bad human activities have been involved to a great level in promoting the effects of global warming. Droughts, whereas it might be flooding within Savannah, serious drought is occurring elsewhere within the globe.

Melting glaciers are continuous changing the chemical compositions and temperature of the water. Melting glaciers have led to raised water levels of oceans and rivers, increasing the possibility of floods. Plants started giving flowers earlier the time before their pollinating insects become active. Nonetheless, whenever unusually high degrees of these gases mount up within the temperature, a lot of heat begins getting confined, besides, results in the development of greenhouse effect. Global warming has affected the living of people and society to a great extent.

The main factors of global warming are pollution. Global warming: The causes and consequences. Some of the sea mammals (polar bear and penguins) are migrating or dying out because of the changing icy habitat. The important function of the ice bodies is to reflect back the extra sunlight and causing cooling effect of the earth, however if they are melting who one perform this function. Read: Thesis Statement About the consequences of global warming essay Love, conclusion, according to the global warming articles and scientists, human beings are primarily responsible for the problems caused by this warming, since the waste from factories and industries are the main sources of expulsion, emission of greenhouse gases.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions As Well As The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect. The second method is to heat the rock while it is still in the ground, and pump the liquefied kerogen to the surface, a process known as situ. Amid the sources of human-generated gases are deforestation and burning of fossil fuels among others. The emission of greenhouse gases increases the heat on the earth which has created living problem. Moreover, the intensity of global warming is increasing with every passing year and if the situation continues, it will have unimaginable disastrous consequences. 7) Lower Food Security, global warming results in unexpected climatic changes and increased possibility of floods due to raised sea levels. Every time there is a wildfire, the oxygen levels lessen responsible for combating the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide that are being emitted in the atmosphere. According to the scientific consensus, it has been noted that the climate changes are continuous because of the global warming. Effects of Global Warming Essay 4 (250 words). Unbalanced weather patterns have by now began showing outcomes. This heat may work as a killer if the night time temperature does not drop. As a result of raised global warming, the sea level will automatically rise that will result in flooding, consequently creating havoc among human life. Some of the most significant effects of global warming are described below- 1) Extreme Climatic Changes, global warming has resulted in extreme climatic conditions all over the world.

the consequences of global warming essay

It has been irritated by the many human activities. With the same features, an A class device consumes 70 less energy than another class. Long Essay on Effects of Global Warming Essay 7 (800 Words). The increase in global temperature causes changes in weather patterns; that is why some places can experience droughts while others flood, cold places become warmer and, in some cases, hot places become cooler. One of the main effects of global warming is the continuous heating up of the atmosphere. Lakes, rivers and oceans surface are warming rapidly, animals are migrating because of increasing heat, and plants are changing means the leaf-flush in the spring season to fall in autumn season is longer. Global warming has affected the living of people globally. It has become the reason of many environmental and social level changes directly and indirectly all through the world. (Aalst, 2006, McMichael et al, 2003, Diaz, 2006). The trees absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. Predicts that over the next century, tropical cyclone wind speed could increase by between five and ten percent, with a twenty to thirty percent rise in precipitation.

This in turn has disastrous effects on aquatic species which rely on the supply of oxygen; thereby, resulting in decrease of fishes, turtles etc. These effects all together result in poor crop production, especially in the low lying agricultural areas. Kerogen has only one tenth the energy potential of crude oil. Large quantities of green house gases results in a larger green house effect, resulting in raised atmospheric temperature. Unluckily, greenhouse gases produced via human undertakings are accumulated towards the air to an extremely higher degree compared to any natural method may eradicate them. Global warming has become main social problem and global environment. It has become the topic of debate on international level in the scientific as well as common community. In the coming years it would increase to a great extent and call various natural disasters to come more often. Adverse psychological health effects as a result of flooding in Brisbane during 1974 included, fifty flood linked suicides and an increase in the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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The 2001 United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C) concluded that since the mid show more content, water centred disasters including floods, cyclones, hurricanes and rain-storm spawned tornados cause death and injury through the effects of flooding, falling objects. 2) Rising Sea Level. New fossil fuel exploration leases are granted every year by the federal government as part of the initiative to become energy independent. When in doubt, check out our Recycling Guide. So, it requires some urgent basis solutions to be solved in few current years. No doubt the solution must be collective. Heat as a heat waves persist for many days by getting combined with the high relative humidity of the environment. Bad human activities are the primary driver of the increasing effects of the global warming. Changing Ecosystems: Effects of Global Warming. It is an international disaster affecting the humanity in all facets of the modern human life. The greenhouse effect occurs because of stability of the main kinds of greenhouse gases. All the effects of the global warming have deadly affected the human lives both physically and mentally. 8) Extreme Events, global warming is causing extreme events at different locations throughout the world.

The globe will become very warm, thus heat waves are prone towards increasing, which may trigger a severe effect on the humans. Chichester, West Sussex, UK: John Wiley Sons Inc. Effects of the consequences of global warming essay Global Warming, global warming has raised earths surface and atmospheric temperature resulting in effects like extreme climate changes, arctic sea ice decline, sea level rise and warming of oceans along with others. Many forest fires in recent past have been attributed to global warming. The whole environment has become so hot and itchy. There are two methods to extract the kerogen from rocks. Whenever forests are cleared, soil disturbance, as well as heightened degrees of decay within converted soils, generates carbon dioxide productions. As temperatures increases, the existence of drought has raised within the Western United State (Casper, 2010). Though the recorded growth in oceans temperature is low than the earths surface temperature, nevertheless, it affects marine life up to a larger extent. Effects of Global Warming Essay 1 (100 words). And also stated that it needs international level participation by the government of the countries to solve it globally and reduce its effects. New York: Infobase Pub. Other vital sources originate from industry such as cement manufacturing.

the consequences of global warming essay

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Many impacts of climate changes which are clearly observed are glacier retreat, fluctuations in the timing of the seasonal events, earlier flowering of plants, changes in agricultural productivity, increasing heat, etc. That is why the term climate change is also used to talk about global warming; both terms refer to the same phenomenon. It has forced the weather patterns to change and called various natural disasters like storm, drought, flood, cyclone, typhoon, thunderstorms, hurricanes, volcano, tsunami, rainstorm, etc. Raised precipitation in terms of rain has been experienced within polar as well as sub-polar areas. There are diverse challenges impinging our environment. Man-made generated discharges have been linked with heightening greenhouse degrees that are increasing global temperatures as well as triggering global warming. Global warming is produced due to human activity, mainly due to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, deforestation and the use of fossil fuels (oil, gasoline, coal). Hire writer, what can be the consequences? Hurricanes or storm is another big problems coming out as a result of the global warming. The Causes of Global Warming.

Hence, when the ocean water temperature is raised by the global warming, it emits oxygen, rather than retaining. Moreover, it will likewise endanger numerous species of living things and therefore, hampering the balance of the environment. The future solely relies on actions we take towards slowing global warming. Global warming refers to the measurable increase of average global air temperatures over the century (1905 to 2005). There are many occasions in which we can move without using the car. Conclusion Global warming is caused due to human induced factors and has the potential of causing havoc on planet in many ways. Global warming has resulted in glacier retreat in Alps, Andes, Rockies and Himalayas. It is estimated that if the process of global warming would increase in future without any stoppage, all the glaciers (in Glacier National Park) may vanished by 2070 according to the current rate of retreat. Some effects of global warming include droughts, the consequences of global warming essay severe precipitation, frequent wildfires, diseases, and climate change. Severe storms, flooding, heat waves, drought, and rising sea levels are all manifestations of climate change.