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Agitation creates bubbles, which may later appear on the surface being treated. Acrylic urethane typically costs more than polyurethane, and its quality is less consistent across brands. The motif of childhood gives the novel a lighter tone, and makes it enjoyable to read despite its grave central ideas of slavery and racism. It also stands up better to substances like alcohol. To prevent this problem, makers of pricier finishes polyurethane and acrylic urethane alike often add anti-yellowing substances to them. It dries, sets, and cures considerably more slowly than acrylic urethane, which can dry within 10 minutes. Function of Motif Along with presenting a prevailing theme, writers include several motifs in their literary works as reinforcements. Business writing is meant to retell and say pure facts whereas academic writing is meant to impress the reader about the development of thought and how the entire content is written.

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Polyurethane, without realizing it, we frequently use items made out of urethane or polyurethane and most of us are not even painters. The primer hides imperfections that might otherwise come to light when the finish is added, especially if it produces a significant shine. Example #3: Heart of Darkness (By Joseph Conrad) Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness has a motif of observation and eavesdropping. As a result, business writing entries appear shorter than academic entries. Examples of Motif in Literature, example #1: Hamlet (By William Shakespeare in Shakespeares. Believe me, clients will come up with all sorts of colorful answers, but financial orthodoxy would say they shouldnt. Unless difference between thesis and theme you are willing to make the seller an offer they cant refuse, or unless the seller lives in a vacuum, expect to pay somewhere close to the prevailing CAP rate, all other things equal (condition of the property, quality of construction, rent control, etc). . As a matter of fact, writing while controlling the amount of words by making it as short or as direct to the point as possible is a lot harder than writing longer articles. Gentle stirring is the recommended way to mix polyurethane. The job of the investor is to find deals that meet or exceed their minimum Required Return, and unless the investor evaluates them over a realistic holding period they wont know whether a property meets their minimum Required Return. . Financing, rehabilitation, use, repositioning, new management, anticipated appreciation and like kind exchange are all examples of things that have a huge impact on Expected Return.

Jim appears silly to believe in all sorts of signs and omens, but interestingly predicts the coming event. One of the motif examples in the novel that develops these themes is the presence of Doubles: (1) the action takes place in two cities; (2) we find two opposed doubles in the form of the female characters Lucie and Madame Defarge. Marlow, the protagonist, gets information about the world by either observing his surroundings or listening to the conversations of others. Apple was selling for just under 510 per share at the writing of this post (the examples arent perfect since real estate markets are even less efficient than equity markets, but it makes the point). By, john Shearer, polyurethanes: A Definition, polyurethane coatings were invented in the mid-20th century. The first is likely to dry within two hours. They exist irrespective of ones Required Return. . Depending on the location and perceived risks of the property, investors will pay more or less for different properties with the exact same net income. Its too bad because nine times out of ten language is just getting in the way. Oil-based coatings are inflammable and more environmentally harmful than water-based alternatives, which do not burn or yellow and can be washed with water and simple cleaning products. Then explain that the reit return in question is measured over a period of time, whether its year to date, annual, or over a period of years.

but its still incumbent upon you as a broker to exercise your fiduciary duty and explain accepted wisdom on the subject. Academic Writing vs Business Writing, academic writing and business writing are two very different writing styles that people use whenever applicable. Hamlet expresses his disgust for women in Scene 2 of Act I, as he says: Frailty, thy name is woman, example #2: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (By Mark Twain in Mark Twains. Hamlet, we find a recurring motif of incest, accompanied difference between thesis and theme by incestuous desires of some characters. Plastic resins in liquid form, they are used primarily to protect wood surfaces. However, brushing acrylic urethane is a tough job; it hardens rapidly, often producing visible brush lines. After the sanding process, remove the bits of material it has produced and add a second coat of finish. How to Apply Polyurethanes, under no circumstances should one shake a polyurethane finish prior to applying. Thus, it is simply restating or rewriting core facts. Many may believe that the only real difference between the two are the compounds that make up polyurethanes (if we even think as deeply as that on the subject). Laertes speaks to his sister Ophelia in a way that is sexually explicit.

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Many will tell you difference between thesis and theme about how they dont buy anything they cant sketch out on a napkin, or provide some overly simplistic metric handed down from their parents/bosses, etc. At the start of academic writing, one would be encouraged to deduce a bigger point or at least specify some bigger thoughts around a narrower subject. There are no frills and filler sentences added. Finally (and this is the hard part explain that they need to look at the Expected IRR for a property and consider buying it if that IRR meets or exceeds their Required Return, as roughly approximated by the periodic reit return you looked. In contrast, lacquer does not stand up well to strong chemical agents. In addition, buffing acrylic urethane to a gloss is easier than doing so with polyurethane.

Its just made more straightforward and simpler. On the other hand, polyurethane has a greater tendency to yellow in ultraviolet light. Example #4: To Kill a Mocking Bird (By Harper Lee) The central idea of the co-existence of good and evil in Harper Lees To Kill a Mocking Bird is supported by several motifs. Some acrylic urethane coatings rival or even equal their polyurethane competitors, but generally the latter continue to earn their reputation as the stronger of the two. This should provide a good starting point for investors in determining their Required Return. Gravity can be a frustrating enemy when applying finish to a wall. Another motif in the narrative is the small town life of Maycomb, which depicts goodness and pleasantness in life. When brushing, follow the woods grain and get rid of every bubble you see. Please spread the word. Its like formulating your own thesis or subject on what to write first then afterwards, you will then write your belief, stand or views about that particular thesis. Latest posts by Julita ( see all help us improve. Motifs contribute in developing the major theme of a literary work, and help readers to comprehend the underlying messages that writers intend to communicate to them.

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Not surprisingly, humidity level is the key factor when a water-based finish is curing. Motif Definition, motif is an object or difference between thesis and theme idea that repeats itself throughout a literary work. It is your job as an investor to understand this and your job as a broker to explain this to your clients. You are also expected to start with a sort of intro which is untrue for business writing. Because of this characteristic, business writing style has to be concise and must present clear content. Like any coating, polyurethane finish has its downsides. Themes, Motifs, and Symbols in Dickens.

A Tale of Two Cities, let us try to understand the difference between theme, motif, and symbol by analyzing a literary work. Symbols are images, ideas, sounds, or words that represent something else, and help to understand an idea or a thing. This Expected Return is what the investor is really interested in, whether they express it as such or not. On average, it is necessary to apply one more coat of water-based polyurethane than of oil-based finish. Both Huck and Tom are young and flexible enough to undergo a moral education, and thus are more open-minded than adults. A multitude of factors can change the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) a preferred metric in real estate to measure a return for a given period of time. This case is very different in academic writing because the writer can add his or her own opinion and add some important fluff that can connect two important sentences. Business writing is more straightforward and shorter in length compared to the longer difference between thesis and theme content usually seen in academic writings. As in, find me 50 units in Santa Monica and I require a 10 CAP or greater.

Otherwise, everyone is just spinning their wheels and talking at cross purposes. Motif and Theme, in a literary work, a motif can be seen as an image, sound, action, or other figure that has a symbolic significance, and contributes toward the development of a theme. If a wood surface has been stained with an oil-based product, avoid using a water-based finish. The wait between applying one coat of oil-based finish and adding the next may be as short as four hours or as long. The thinner your layers of finish, the fewer runs you are liable to encounter. People find it more difficult to write using business style than using academic style of writing. Lets take a look: CAP rates tell us how much investors are paying for a given stream of income, the Net Operating Income (NOI) of the property. For one thing, polyurethane chips and stains less easily than acrylic urethane. The incompatibility of oil and water is widely known, but if this combination must occur, it is essential to coarsen the wood before applying the polyurethane. A polyurethane coating cures when some of its chemical elements form powerful links with one another after reacting with atmospheric oxygen. A cloth, foam brush, or fine-bristled brush may be used to apply it to a surface. CAP rates are set by the market. . A day after finishing the surface in question, sand it with 320-grit sandpaper.