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2) Summary of the Controversy Surrounding the Topic In the United States marijuana is illegal for many reasons, but are these reasons really spot on? The researchers studied five female patients who had never used cannabis before. Anthony Yorks article "Doctor group wants pot legal; California Medical Assn. Cannabis has been proven to have medicinal benefits, with government taxation it would help the United States out of its. The climate for growing tobacco is the same climate needed to grow marijuana, so this would help their incomes. . The federal government of America spends millions of dollars each year trying to keep it off the streets and into dealers hands, but their tactics barely do a thing. . Marijuana has always been a touchy subject, but the truth of the matter is that marijuana legalization would be beneficial for the majority of Americans.

Marijuana and Asthma: What Are the Benefits and Risks?

For three days, the patients randomly received a placebo, THC or a typical inhaler. A growing body of research is focusing on marijuanas effects on asthma and whether cannabis plants can offer some relief for the condition. Despite these false accusations. Effects of Marijuana on Health and Activity. The act itself did not criminalize the possession of cannabis but levied a tax on anyone dealing the substance. This is a question that has been debated for years.

They read about marijuanas ability to open airways in scientific literature. Marijuana impinges on the central nervous system by attaching to brain's neurons and interfering with normal communication between n the neurons. As marijuana becomes legalized in many areas, only then can more research be done. But on the contrary, most of the negatives associated with marijuana could not be further from the truth. Four other states passed similar ballot initiative that year, including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada, and legislatures in 37 states have passed bills in support of medical marijuana. . Many Americans view marijuana as the evil drug that it is said. But, this team wanted to compare different doses of THC by their effectiveness for clearing asthma patients airways. Alcohol, although legal, is associated with violence and aggression and impairs many different functions of the brain.

This is a life-threatening condition that occurs when bullae rupture in the lungs. The negative effects of tobacco smoke especially for people with lung diseases such as asthma have been well-established. There are many criticisms of marijuana saying it can affect your health and destroy many brain cells slowing down your performance and motor skills such as driving, attending to task and what not. Those who are against legalizing marijuana feel the drug has no resourceful traits. Treating and controlling asthma is incredibly important after all, everyone needs to breathe! Everybody has their own opinion about certain things, which cannot be altered. But, the cannabis with THC and the inhaler immediately reduced symptoms. This ban had little effect on people until the mid 60s and 70s. . In theory, these can help reduce the amount of smoke you inhale. Others have legalized both medical and recreational use of this drug. Continue Reading 1522 Words 7 Pages, legalization of Marijuana The United States is the largest user of marijuana in the world with more than 40 of the population having used it at evaluation essay on marijuana marijuana and asthma least once in their lives. Investigated the impact of THC on asthmatic lungs.

Marijuana and asthma: Does it help or harm?

People with asthma deal with wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Because of this, Citizens of the United States are starting to lose hope in their own country. Under federal law, possessing a single joint (or less) of marijuana is punishable by a fine from 1,000 to 10,000 and up to a year in prison. Although the United States government says that marijuana is an evil, heath killing, gateway drug that is taking down our society, if people were to know the truth about the lies that started the drug wars Continue Reading 1133. Marijuana hit the United States big in the 60s and 70s. In this essay we check the pro and contra arguments and at the end everybody have to decide on his own if he accept the drug as an lifes little pleasure like sex, alcohol or cigarettes are,. Early researches was vague and bias, but in the years after many legitimate studies have been conducted, and both sides evaluation essay on marijuana marijuana and asthma of the issues have been revealed. . Get Relief Right Now, interested in treating your asthma symptoms with medical marijuana?

Still, there are some limits to these potential benefits. Research is especially promising for people who have allergic asthma. It is only legal to the state that makes it legal. For example, it fries your brain cells and makes you stupid. Over 83 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once.

This includes marijuana (cannabis). Approval of Marijuana by 27 states, new medical studies, and its consequences on those convicted from use of the most common illicit drug in the world, is giving the United States of America the idea to rethink its stance on the matter. Another pro to the use of marijuana is diminishing glaucoma; it also can be affective in stimulating appetite in aids patients. Worked with a total of eight asthma patients during the study. I have had severe Asthma since birth and for many years been prescribed Inhalers, Bronchodilators, and other treatments for my condition. That is more than a quarter of the total population of this country Continue Reading 834 Words 4 Pages Marijuana: Legalize It or Not? Smoking marijuana may even increase your risk for an asthma attack. Overall, the government should first look at countries in the world where marijuana is currently legal. .

Cannabis-Associated Asthma and Allergies

There are several different perspectives as to why marijuana should be legalized. William Randolph Hearst used popular hysterias of the day invoking racist fears that evaluation essay on marijuana marijuana and asthma when consumed, marijuana would cause black and Mexican men to commit violent crimes. This proposal its not new but because of the recent times and problems in the country, more people are considering adopting this proposal. Marijuana has been on the banned substances list since 1937 when Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act which restricted possession of the drug to individuals who paid an excise tax for certain authorized medical and industrial uses (PBS. Medical content reviewed. Marijuana has less affect on the human body Continue Reading 3453 Words 14 Pages Colorado: Are They Doing it Right? I believe that marijuana should be legalized because it has several health benefits, lowers crime rates, and will increase revenue for our country. This age should start off at eighteen, like tobacco, and if there seems to be a problem with the age then raising the age limit should be considered. . Many will present the point that it should be because it will strengthen the economy and also aid in health. Legalizing marijuana would help the economy as a whole and for the individual. My goal by the end of this project is to have picked a Continue Reading 2861 Words 12 Pages Abstract Throughout this paper the issue of the legalization of medical marijuana was discussed.

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Some myths of marijuana and highway safety are marijuana-like alcohol- seriously impairs driving in some respects; pot is even more impairing than alcohol. However, people who are against legalization argue that cannabis only has negative effects on society because it causes crimes and cannot be regulated. Also how prohibition of marijuana has been a failure. This was a time where many mind altering drugs where experimented with and widely used. . What exactly does Marijuana do to you? The drug has not been proven to have any mental or physical addiction. I have come to find out that your average teen or adult has tried or regularly partakes in the activity of smoking marijuana. Some states have legalized it for medical purposes only. 120 Introduction to Ethics Social Responsibility Instructor Sherri Boyd July 18, 2011 evaluation essay on marijuana marijuana and asthma Legalization of Marijuana There is an ongoing debate in the United States as to whether marijuana should be legalized or not.